Premiere Date:


Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 5:30 p.m. (ET/PT)


Jeremy Rowley as Bunsen
Ben Giroux as Mikey Munroe
Kari Wahlgren as Amanda Killman and Sophie Sanders
Cristina Milizia as Darcy
Jeff Bennett as Bunsenís Dad, The General, and Reporter Bob
Cheri Oteri as Miss Flap


Executive Producer:


Butch Hartman

Supervising Producer:


George Goodchild


Coordinating Producter:


Ray DeLaurentis
Written By:

Butch Hartman
Ray DeLaurentis
Ellen Byron
Bob Colleary
Lissa Kapstrom
Will Schifrin
Becky Wangberg


Directed By:

George Elliott
Keith Oliver


SVP for Nickelodeon:

James Stephenson, SVP, Animation & Games


Produced at:

Nickelodeon Burbank, Calif.



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